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Last Updated: Nov 26, 2015 02:52PM NZDT
It is important to be aware of how your images will print. There will always be a difference between how your images appear on a backlight monitor (on screen) in RGB color and how they will print in CMYK color on paper.
It’s also important to note any images shot in shadow or those that are slightly out of focus, will appear darker and/or blurrier in print than they do on screen.

There is a variation of printed outcomes within our range. 

MILK: As described above, please expect your images to appear darker than they do on screen and that anything shot in shadow or out of focus will appear darker and/or softer

Board pages and CREAM formats: Due to the satin laminate applied to these formats, the printed results will appear slightly matt. The final substrate treatment will affect the final print finish.

Moleskine: Our Moleskine range is printed on ivory-colored matt paper, which results in a soft and sometimes grainy printed outcome. This is due to the way the paper absorbs the ink as well as the ivory-color. Highlights will appear warmer and softer. The Moleskine stock is sympathetic to vintage photos, Instagram effects and illustration/sketches/artwork.

Original Image (a 35mm film scan): 

Image in the editor tool: 

Printed result in a MILK Photo Book: 

MILK Close up

Printed result in a Moleskine Photo Book
As the paper for the Moleskine books is the classic ivory images appear warmer: 

Moleskine Close up
Note that the pattern created by the print dots are more visible in the Moleskine. This is because the paper is matt, it absorbs the ink more than the MILK, resulting in a soft, grainy outcome: 

Comparison between MILK and Moleskine


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